5 National Trust Sites I Want to Visit!

I love a good day out. Dragging that waterproof jacket out of the back of your wardrobe and all the family cramming into the car all excited to see what the day brings.
Said family bickering all of the journey there, generally being annoying and that one person who wants to stop at every motorway service station for the loo.
Yep, I love it all.

If I’m honest, I haven’t visited many National Trust sites in my life but this year I’m planning to change all that. I want more days out and even moreso I want more memories with my family.

There are so many National Trust sites to choose from in Britain it’s easy to feel a little overwhelmed with which ones to visit. So I’m going to share the sites on my hit list and maybe I’ll inspire you to visit one of them.


Speke Hall, Liverpool

speke hall

This is a local one for me, I’ve always wanted to go but never had the chance. Speke Hall is a Tudor Manor house located on the banks of the River Mersey. It is 400 years old and is steeped in history.
It is surrounded by beautifully kept restored gardens that once you’re in you forget that you’re in the city centre. A little urban oasis.


What is there to do there?

There is so much to do at Speke Hall I never even realised! Apart from walking around the beautiful gardens there (either by yourself or with a guide) you can take a tour of the house, sample scouse treats in their restaurant or have a cuppa in their very own tea rooms. In the summer they also have ice cream stands dotted around.
The main thing I want to go to Speke Hall for is the guided tour of the house. I absolutely adore finding out the history of a place. Who lived there and what happened in their lives.
There are a few spooky tales connected with this house and it’s supposed to have its own ghost, the grey lady. Why does every spooky old place have to have its own grey lady?

Speke Hall run lots of events throughout the year and even have talk/lectures there if you’re into that kind of thing.
Check out their National Trust page here 


The Workhouse, Southwell


This grabbed my attention because it reminds me of a place you’d typically see on Most Haunted haha! I bloody love MH, mostly for the fact they feature old buildings and tell you a bit about their history. The ‘ghosts’, not so much…

This Victorian workhouse is located in Nottinghamshire and is where the most poorest people of the Victorian age had to work in return for food, shelter and medical care.
It was built in 1824 and is the best-preserved workhouse left in the country.


What is there to do there?

They have a guided tour at 11am where you can discover some outside areas not seen by the public and then when that finishes, the workhouse itself opens at 12pm. You can chat to room guides and learn about those who lived and worked there.
This place looks massive so there is a café on site that you can pop into and have a drink and a snack.

There is a recreated Victorian vegetable garden where you are welcome to eat your picnic, if you bring one of course. There is also opportunity to buy the garden’s produce too which has been grown by volunteers.

The Workhouse regularly holds events throughout the year, find them here!


Hill Top – The home of Beatrix Potter


I thought this would be a lovely place to visit as I ADORED all of Beatrix Potter’s books when I was little. I still love anything with to do with Beatrix Potter to be honest.
Hill Top was bought by Beatrix Potter in 1905 from the proceeds of her first book ‘The Tale of Peter Rabbit’ and was the inspiration for many of her books over the years. Each room in the house contains a reference to a picture in one of her books.
The whole house is a step back in time as everything is laid out as if Beatrix had just stepped out for a walk.

Hill Top is only quite a small house so they have a timed-ticket system to avoid overcrowding and to protect the interior. The National Trust website also advises that Hill Top can be a very busy attraction so tourists may have to wait to enter the house.


What is there to do there?

Take a tour around Hill Top house guided by one of the knowledgeable National Trust experts and discover all of Beatrix’s trinkets and well loved treasures.
You can also walk around the gardens which are featured in pictures in her books.
If you want something to eat there is conveniently a pub next door called the Tower Bank Arms. The pub is also featured in one of her book too, The Tale of Jemima Puddleduck!

If you want to make a whole day of it, take a trip to the Beatrix Potter Gallery too which showcases all her original artwork.


Chirk Castle


I chose Chirk Castle as some family members have recently visited and said it was a beautiful, interesting place to visit and I love me a castle!
Chirk castle is a stunning Medieval 14th Century castle found on the Welsh border that is actually still lived in today. It has a beautiful tower and state rooms filled with an eclectic mix of furniture and 700 years worth of treasures.

I love it when I go to a place and it has gruesome elements to it and Chirk castle has them! It has dungeons, medieval toilets and even ‘murder holes’. How fab!


What is there to do there?

You can explore the tower, which is in an area of the castle called the West Range – which is where the dungeons and murder holes are.
Walk around the exquisite state rooms that the castle has to offer, the servant halls and working laundries. There’s also a family room where children can play games, try on costumes and explore the history of the castle.
On some days visitors can meet the castle’s very own garrison who is happy to demonstrate weapons and allow you to feel the weight of the armour. They even take younger visitors through a ‘pike drill’ so they can defend the castle.

To find out more about Chirk Castle click HERE


Treasurer’s House, York


I never got to visit here on my last trip to York last year, so this is definitely on the list for next time I go.
Treasurer’s House is tucked behind York Minster and it was built in 1897 to impress Edward VII during his visit to York.
The house is filled with antiques and grand furniture that the man who built the house collected over the years. The gardens there are award winning and beautifully presented.
The basement of this house is famous for its excavated Roman road that runs directly underneath, you can see this and hear of the ghost story connected…


What is there to do there?

Apart from discovering all the artwork, furniture and antiques that the house has to offer, you can check out hidden parts of the house with a guided tour and listen to the stories that the current owner has to share. The tour also includes the attic of the house where you can get a fantastic view of York.

Treasurer’s House also has a café which is located in the servants quarters and serves freshly cooked lunches, cakes and their infamous scones!



I hope I’ve given you some ideas for days out this summer, I plan to do my best to get through at least 3 of these this year!
The National Trust has 500 sites in the UK so explore their site HERE and see what fun you could have with your family this year!


Livvy xx





  1. I’d love to go to Hill Top! It’s on my list 🙂 Speke Hall looks amazing!

  2. / 9:53 am

    Love this post. I love exploring new places and I also love the fact that there is usually a cafe in National Trust places. Yes to the coffee and cake haha. Speke Hall and Chirk Castle look amazing, would love to go there. Just need to get a car and money haha.

    • Livvy
      / 11:27 pm

      Thank you so much for reading! 🙂
      Mmmmm yes, I love a bit of cake myself.
      If only there were money trees hey! xx

  3. / 2:23 pm

    I’m a NT member but so far only been to places in Cornwall, these look gorgeous, especially Hill Top! 😊

    • Livvy
      / 11:23 pm

      Oh I’d love to go to Cornwall, so many beautiful places to explore and I’m dying to see the beautiful clear waters they have down there! x

  4. ruthinrevolt
    / 9:57 am

    This all look amazing, and I didn’t even know any of them existed! Great post. x

    • Livvy
      / 11:18 pm

      Thank you! xx

  5. / 12:26 pm

    I was in the Lake District not so long ago, and I’m so sad I missed out on the Hill Top visit to Beatrix Potter’s house. It was on my list, but just didn’t have enough time. Must go back! I’m also going to York soon, so the Treasurer’s House is definitely on my list. Thank you for the suggestions and for your comment on my blog x

    • Livvy
      / 11:15 pm

      You’re welcome Laila!
      Ohh I LOVE York, so jealous you’re going, so wish I were going there again this year. Such a beautiful place. There’s also a place outside York which I never managed to have time to visit whilst I was there – Wharram Percy. Its a deserted Medieval village.
      Thanks for reading my post too 🙂 x

  6. / 7:51 pm

    I’ve recently been to Speke – I went when younger with school, but went last year with my mum. I really like it. I went to Chirk on my first holiday without parents (youth hostelling in Wales) but I can’t remember it. I love Rufford Old Hall too – local to you – and in North Wales there is Bodnant too, with beautiful gardens.

    • Livvy
      / 10:16 am

      Yes I saw Rufford Old Hall, one to add to the list I think! I was meant to be visiting Chirk today but woken up feeling horrendous 🙁
      Thanks for reading and hope you’re feeling okay today xx

  7. / 11:41 pm

    All of these places look brilliant! I grew up reading Beatrix Potter books so that one has to be my fave xx

    • Livvy
      / 10:20 am

      Thanks for reading Steff xxx

  8. I’ve been to Hill Top, it’s so worth visiting! They have books out open on the pages where the illustrations are views from the house or of items in the house that are still there 🙂

    • Livvy
      / 9:46 am

      Ahhh right, I hope I manage to visit it this year! Xx

  9. This was a great post! I love visiting National Trust places, even the one’s where there isn’t much to do but walk and take in the scenery they’re always so stunning! My mom often pays for a National Trust membership so she can visit lots of different places but I haven’t been into any of the houses for years! We visited the Beatrix Potter house and gallery on a holiday to the Lake District once and it’s definitely worth doing especially if you loved the books like I did as a child! One of my favourite National Trust places is Aira Force in the Lake District it’s a waterfall with a really beautiful walk and if you’re heading to the lakes to go to the Beatrix Potter house and you enjoy walking I recommend doing it!

    Jess // foundationsandfairytales.wordpress.com

  10. / 7:40 pm

    All these look beautiful and I love the idea of visiting Beatrix Potter’s house! Definitely want to check out some of these!

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