The May Edit

Hey guys!

Yet another month has passed us by, can you BELIEVE it’s June?! I can’t! It only seems like yesterday that I was thinking of New Year’s resolutions and telling myself that 2018 will be my best year yet.
Whilst I haven’t stuck to my one resolution of eating healthily I have luckily had a pretty good 5 months, thankfully! More on that in June’s edit where I’ll be doing a special 6 month review too!

Back to May…
You might have seen over on my Instagram story that I am now in double figures until my cruise holiday! I have a cruise related blog post coming up in the next week so be sure to look out for that!
I really can’t wait!! I keep seeing loads of cute holiday clothes to buy but trying to hold off a little bit longer…

Sadly this month my boyfriend and I had some sad news, one of my boyfriend’s family members sadly passed away. I had no idea this person was ill and his passing was quite sudden to everyone apart from his wife.
I wonder if keeping ill health from people is the right thing to do. I’m sure there would’ve been more people around this person if they’d have known if he was ill, more memories that could’ve have been made… So sad.

From one end of the spectrum to another, I went to a lovely engagement party this month! It was a close family friend and her partner’s celebration and it was great! I’m a complete hopeless romantic so loved every second of it, I wish I could go to one every month!
I did feel a slight pang of jealousy as I’m still waiting for that special proposal to happen to me but hey ho, it’s not everything. Life has lots of other things to offer!



I reached 7 months without needing to go into hospital! This is the longest I’ve ever gone without needing a stay in hospital and I’m so proud of myself. It’s done me the world of good too in terms of my anxiety – not worrying as much about my health and that. However, I’ve not been 100%…

I had a clinic appointment in the middle of May and it didn’t go as well as I thought it would. My breathing test was down and I have lost a bit of weight (losing weight isn’t a good thing for me) so my doctor put me on a course of antibiotics.
I’m coming to the end of these now and my breathing is a bit better but the doctor also told me that hay fever can affect things so I have been taking antihistamines too.

I’m having another breathing test this month so please keep your fingers crossed that it’s better!

I’ve been loving…

The tv series, not y’know, actual neighbours. OMG FINN IS BACK! Or ‘Patrick’ as he’s been calling himself. I really thought we’d seen the back of him but no he’s back and manipulating Elly’s sister Bea. I have a feeling that when Bea does eventually find out about Finn and Elly’s history that she’ll team up with him against her seeing as she seems to hate her.
More people need to watch Neighbours, it’s SO good!!

The weather
Why is it you feel 1000000000x more amazing when the weather is warm and sunny?! I have absolutely loved all the sunny warm days we’ve had during May and it really does make a difference to my everyday mood.
The world is just a better place in the sunshine and life is much easier to deal with (well certain aspects).
Do you feel the same?

blue skies

Love waking up to this view!

Instagram stories
I’ve been getting proper into Instagram stories the past couple of weeks and I love seeing who watches them. Thank you to those who do regularly watch them by the way, your support is so appreciated.
I even managed to post a selfie on there this month, which is a rare occasion!

The Royal Wedding

OMG did you see it?!?! Seriously, I think it was the most romantic thing I’ve ever witnessed in my LIFE!
I got up early that day and got what I needed to do done before 9am which was when television coverage of the event started. Hell, I even pre-made lunch so I wouldn’t miss a second of the big day.
Then me and my mum sat and watched the whole thing. You just couldn’t help but be amazed by the love between Meghan and Harry, it was so plain and obvious to see.

The whole wedding was so very fairy-tale and had a Disney-esque feel about it.
Meghan’s dress was stunning. A very simple Givenchy dress was designed for the now Duchess of Sussex, she didn’t need sparkles, she is stunning enough! That veil tho…

meghan markle

I spent most of the service in tears as Harry was just such a gentleman towards Meghan and the way he looked at her… WOW. The love he must have for her just goes beyond words.
I think my favourite part was when Harry pulled back Meghan’s veil, such a beautiful moment and one I dream of when I get married…

What I’ve not been loving…

Only one thing this month; STEROIDS.
My Lord, I must’ve tried to get a decent photo of myself and my boyfriend a THOUSAND times at that engagement party but nah, I wasn’t happy with any.
I’m tired of the big round face that the steroids have gifted me with and that makes me look like a potato. I know that my health comes first over appearance and trust me, I’m not a shallow person, but I would just like one photo of me where my face doesn’t totally eclipse (see what I did there?) everything else in it.

Blogging Life

I reached 2 goals this month! 300 followers on Instagram and 1000 followers on Twitter. SO happy to have reached these goals, especially the Instagram one as it’s super hard to gain followers and keep them!

Here are a couple of my most popular posts for the month of May:

This month’s blog posts

My latest post is about worrying and 5 things that I do to distract myself from doing so…


I was nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award for the 2nd time by 2 people so I combined both Sam and Kim’s questions in one post!


And that’s about it for my May round-up. Hope you’ve enjoyed reading!





Livvy x


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