Father’s Day Gift Guide

Father’s Day in the UK is rapidly approaching (17th June this year guys!) and the annual dilemma of what to buy my dad returns…
Why are men so hard to buy for?! And then if you ask them if there’s anything they’d like they always say “no, nothing” or “I don’t know…” *sigh*.

Whilst looking for a present for my own dad I thought I’d help you out and list a few nice gifts that I have come across which I’m sure any dad would appreciate.

fathers day gift guide

  1. Jack Wills ‘Aldrove Polo Shirt’  |  Jack Wills  |  £26.21
    This is definitely a ‘play it safe’ item of clothing. I don’t think you could go wrong with this polo shirt as I’m sure it’d suit many men. It does come in a variety of colours too if your dad is a more colourful character! Look at that price too, bargain!
  2. Braun MGK3020 Multi-Grooming Kit  |  Amazon.co.uk   |  £19.99
    Every dad is different but they all have one thing in common – they ALL shave! Unless they’re growing a massive long beard that is…
    You get so much for your money with this multi-groomer:
    – SIX different attachments for beard, head, ears and nose.
    – Lifetime lasting sharp blades.
    What more can a dad ask for from a grooming product?! Braun have everything covered!
  3. Trough Crossgrain Document Bag  |  Ted Baker  |  £149.00
    This stylish document bag is perfect for those dads in business or who need to carry their paperwork/laptop around with them. It has a nice textured finish which is great for withstanding rough and ready handling and has 4 pockets inside to carry various bits and bobs.
  4. Fire 7 Tablet  |   Amazon.co.uk   |   £49.99
    I am a massive fan of Amazon’s Fire Tablets and I actually bought one for my dad last year. I also bought myself one as I fell in love with just how much I got for under £50!
    I bought my dad one because he wanted to watch fishing videos on YouTube and he bloody loves it! He sits there with his earphones in watching YouTube videos to his hearts content. He’s also downloaded a couple of fishing and gardening books too.
    You can do loads with a Fire Tablet, they’re seriously worth every penny.
  5. ‘MR’ Alphabet Mug  |  Clintons  |  £4.99
    You’ve probably seen loads of these alphabet mugs in nearly every shop’s homeware section but I spotted this cute one in Clintons and thought it was a nice little design. A bit different than just having the letter on the mug, this one makes it a tiny bit more personal for your dad with it saying ‘MR’.
  6. A Tasty Tuck Box  |  Marks and Spencer  |  £25.00
    Marks and Spencer do some fantastic hampers. Every year I get my boyfriend’s grandparents a special Christmas hamper from there and they really enjoy everything that’s in them.
    I thought I’d take a look on good old Marksie’s website and see if they did anything similar for Father’s Day and lo and behold they didn’t disappoint!
    This is my favourite one as it has a nice variety of snacky items that your dad could munch on whilst watching his fave tv shows. Pork scratchings, mmmmmmm!

I really hope my gift guide has given you a few ideas to what to buy your Dad or even Grandad this Father’s Day.

Livvy x


Fathers day


    • Livvy
      / 10:41 pm

      They really are great value for money! Thank you very much for reading Trace 🙂 x

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