A Day Out in Llandudno

The past couple of months have been rubbish for me, what with health problems being the main culprit. So I thought a little change of scene was needed to have an escape from the doom and gloom.
Funny how just a day out can lift your mood and help get you back on track to cope with life’s obstacles, isn’t it?!

Me and my family decided to visit my uncle who lives in Conwy, North Wales and we all then went out together to have a walk around Llandudno which is close by.
It was MEGA busy for a Tuesday afternoon I thought but then again, it is the school holidays and it was a beautiful, hot, sunny day.

I thought I’d share some photos I took of the day, I hope you like ’em!

The only bad thing of the day which really upset me was seeing donkey rides on the beach… I can’t STAND them and just wanted to go on over and have a go at the owner of the donkeys. Really do wish they’d stop exploiting animals in this way.

Would’ve loved to have gone on this boat trip around the Great Orme and to Puffin Island. I’ve been on it before years ago when I was like 10 and it was brilliant!

There were LOADS of little stalls all along the pier. Loads of food; doughnuts, cakes, cheese, fish ‘n’ chips and of course, ice cream!

I mean, you can’t NOT have an ice cream at the seaside can you?

Just before the pier they had a Punch and Judy show. It’s been here for donkeys years, I remember coming here with my cousin and watching it as a young kid. So lovely to see it again and to see a new generation enjoying the show!

On the way back to my uncles house, he decided to take us around the Great Orme and it’s nature reserve.
You pay £3 at a little booth and then you can either drive around the Orme or park up and walk around.

It’s DEFINITELY worth doing as the views are just spectacular!! There’s lots of cute sheep and mountain goats around too.

My uncle made us a lovely roast dinner that evening and it was the perfect end to a perfect day!
Sometimes you forget how beautiful some parts of our country are, I can’t wait to come back here again! Maybe I’ll ride on the Great Orme cable car next time…

Liv x



Llandudno, Wales


  1. / 1:54 pm

    Oh, this is absolutely GORGEOUS 🙂🙂 I think that we all can underestimate how much one truly good day can do for us!! Sidenote: I am very jealous of the Punch and Judy show, I actually studied them in my undergrad and think they are fascinating 🤓

    • Livvy
      / 2:00 pm

      It truly is a beautiful place!
      No way! You need to go to a seaside resort where they have Punch and Judy when you come over here and catch a show! xx

  2. ruthinrevolt
    / 7:43 pm

    Wow, this looks gorgeous! I’m so glad the weather was amazing for you! 😀

    • Livvy
      / 9:43 am

      Thank you Ruth! Xx

  3. This was such a good post and your pictures are beautiful! I spent a lot of time in Llandudno as a child and I’ve always loved it there I really want to go again soon!

    Jess // foundationsandfairytales.wordpress.com

    • Livvy
      / 9:42 am

      Thanks Jess! 💕
      Same here, used to go every year when I was little but I hadn’t been for about 10yrs. Was so lovely to go back xx

  4. / 11:28 am

    My comment disappeared!! I shall repeat it –
    It sounds like your day out really did you a lot of good. We spent our honeymoon not far from Llandudno, some 33 years ago. It is nice to be reminded of it.

  5. / 1:17 am

    Beautiful photos! Thank you for sharing! Being from the U.S. I’m barely even aware of beautiful places like this. May have to make a trip one day!

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