About Me

Just me

You’ve probably stumbled across my little corner thinking what is this all about?
Well I’m Livvy, a 29 (yeah, I know I look 12) year old, life loving gal.

I suffer from a lung disease called Cystic Fibrosis with a bit of Diabetes on the side, but I certainly don’t let this rule my life. If you ever want to ask me anything just drop me a message!

I live in Southport which is in the North West of England, UK and more importantly, by the sea (hence my blog name). I LOVE living here and if you don’t find me at home I’ll be at the beach with my little pup.

I started my blog as a hobby really but now I’m TOTALLY sucked in!
I like to post about lifestyle topics mostly but to be honest I’ll write about anything so I reckon my blog has something for everyone. I hope so anyway.

I really hope you can join me over on my social media accounts as I love to meet new people!

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I also have a Pinterest group board which is where bloggers can post their latest posts and get them seen! Or if you just love blogs its a great place to find new blogs!
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Livvy xx