Statement Made Jewellery

The Lotus flower actually symbolises 4 different things in Buddhism but for a while I’ve wanted a piece of jewellery to symbolise just one of them – rising and blooming amongst the murk to achieve enlightenment.
The murk for me symbolising Cystic Fibrosis, the disease I suffer from.

I genuinely had been searching for a piece of jewellery to represent this when I got a message from the lovely people at Statement Made Jewellery asking whether they could send me a necklace as a gift.
I didn’t get to choose a specific necklace and to be honest I would’ve felt cheeky as they were lovely enough to send me anything as a gift so I had to wait for it to arrive to see which one I got.

statement made jewellery

Yep, sure enough and to my surprise I received a beautiful necklace with lotus flower pendant and a small little disc with the initial ‘L’ on for Liv.
I couldn’t believe my luck, it surely must be fate that I’d received exactly what I’d been looking for without me telling anyone!

necklacelotus flower necklace

I took a peek on Statement Made Jewellery’s website (they also are on Etsy!) and saw that they do this necklace in silver too if you’re more suited to that colour.
Whilst on their website I saw that the company make SO many beautiful items. Many more different necklaces, earrings, bracelets and even anklets!! I find it so hard to find pretty anklets but this site has them!


Statement Made Jewellery even do custom-made engraved jewellery if you’re looking for something that bit more personal.


Thank you so very much to Statement Made Jewellery for sending me this beautiful necklace that means a lot to me on a personal level. Just HOW did you read my mind?!


Livvy x


The June Edit

This month’s review will only be a short one as I had quite a crappy month and forgot to make notes, my brain doesn’t work when I don’t write thigs down!
Nothing in the month ever seemed to go right, apart from the weather that is… I actually cant remember the last time I saw rain.
I don’t think I’ve ever had a summer like this one where the weather has been so consistently good for more than a week. It feels almost surreal, doesn’t it?~

How typically British I start this post with talking about the weather!


You might have seen over on my twitter that I was in hospital recently. I needed to go onto the ward for a few days for a couple of reasons really… I have been losing weight steadily over the past 4 months so needed to go back on feeds. This is where I connect up a tube in my stomach to a machine that pumps liquid filled with hundreds of calories into me. If you’re wondering just wtf all that shiz is then click HERE to read more.
I also needed to try out a couple of medications in a safe environment as I am allergic to so many so my doctor thought it would be best I go onto the ward for this.

I only expected to be in a few days but my diabetes started playing up whilst I was there and I needed to stay an extra couple of days to get it under control.
I HATED being in… I got the room I had last time I was admitted and its right by the nurses station so didn’t get much sleep. Next time I need to remember to pack earplugs!

It was CF (Cystic Fibrosis) Week whilst I was on the ward, this is where people try to raise money and awareness for Cystic Fibrosis. The nurses on the ward had decorated the whole ward with yellow bunting and yellow balloons. It looked great, I wish they could stay up all the time, our ward needs a bit of decoration I think!
The nurses also ran a raffle and made little yellow ribbon badges to raise some money and they did really well, they managed to raise £600! So proud!

If you don’t know what CF is, take a look at the post I wrote during CF Week and find out!

Blogging Life

I haven’t been on social media much this month as other months but I did manage to hit 1700 followers on Twitter! I’m so grateful to everyone who’s followed me so far.

I’m making steady progress on my Instagram though and have hit 450 followers!
Here are a few of my most popular posts this month…

I have been overwhelmed this month with such kind words from lovely followers and friends on Twitter and Instagram. I cant begin to tell you all how much this means to me, I don’t have many friends in RL (spare the violin) and to have people on the internet who care and spend a little bit of their day sending me a lovely comment genuinely means the world.
Thank you all so much, the blogging community is truly amazing!


Life in General

This week I was invited to my boyfriend’s family gathering, a couple of his relatives had come over from Australia to visit. We all met up at a BEAUTIFUL pub in Christleton in Chester called The Cheshire Cat and had dinner there.
There’s a lovely canal right next to it and a great beer garden which we sat in for a while after having dinner and watched the sunset.

canal boat chester
canal boat

Another thing I loved about this pub/restaurant was that they allowed dogs! There were quite a few there and I just wanted to stroke them ALL. I spent most of the day staring at them and saying “awww look at him” to my boyfriend haha! They had dog biscuits on the bar in a jar and plenty of water bowls dotted all over the place too which is great to see.

I ordered fish and chips off their menu and it was cooked to perfection. So tasty and their chips were BIG, proper like tombstones! I seriously hope to go back again soon and try other things they had on their menu and of course, DESSERTS!

sunsetsunset over runcorn bridge

Just before I go I just want to mention my friend Steff and her daughter Sam‘s new blogger’s subscription box – Blogbox
They are launching very soon and they have a competition running at the moment on Twitter where you could win one of their boxes!
It closes on the 15th July so be quick and head over to their Blogbox Twitter account HERE and be in with a chance to win!


Thank you all for reading and I hope you have a great July, lets hope these amazing sunny days continue!!


Livvy x


How To Start Your Day Off Right

So who wants to have a good day today? Yep, that’s you all then – who wouldn’t?!
Sometimes the day doesn’t pan out how we’d like but we can sure try to have a good day right?
I always make sure I do these following things to have the best day possible. Even if it turns out crap, I can say I tried my best, cant I?!


Get a daily planner (YAY stationery!!)

Okay, this one technically starts the night before but meh, its an important one… Buy yourself one of those day-to-view diaries! I plan my day just before I go to sleep the night before by writing down things I need to do the following day. I don’t plan the day hour by hour, its kind of more a to-do list of the day.
It’s a great way to de-stress before bed and you can wake up and not worry about forgetting about things you need to do.


Wake up earlyclock

I know I know, nobody likes waking up early when they don’t actually need to but being in a routine every day helps me fit everything I need and want to do that day


Eat Breakfast

Not everyone is a breakfast kinda person, me included, but I do make myself eat something. I’ve noticed that if I don’t eat at all my brain is definitely not as alert and I am just generally more sluggish… I also write better blog posts!


Listen to a happy playlist

This really picks me up of a morning, I love finding ‘happy’ playlists on Spotify or listening to a playlist I’ve created myself full of my favourite songs.
Such a better way to start your day rather than watching news programmes full of doom and gloom!


Have a shower

You probably already do but having a shower in the morning helps me to wake up and face the day. Then there’s the obvious benefits, y’know like not worrying about if you have a bit of the old b.o when walking past that fit guy in work…


Drink water

This one is best to do all day… KEEP HYDRATED, omg I cant express the benefits of keeping hydrated enough to you guys. I’m so much more alert during the day and it actually gives me energy too. Not to mention the 1001 health benefits drinking water has.


Practise Yoga

beach yoga

My favourite way to start my day. Seriously, I love putting a ‘Yoga with Adriene’ Youtube video on my tv and switching off mentally. I cannot tell you how much yoga has helped me over the last year and a half since I’ve been practising. Yoga with Adriene is like doing yoga with your mate, she’s hilarious and her yoga routines are easy to follow. Please do check her out if you haven’t already, she’s pretty awesome!


There you have it, 7 ways to start your day off right! Have you got anything you do to get your day off to a good start?





Livvy x



This or That Challenge!

A few weeks ago, Steff from Steff’s Journey, nominated me to take part in this fun This or That Challenge! The poor woman has probably been wondering if I was ever going to do this post it’s been so long haha!

Please check out her blog and twitter, she’s such an amazing friendly person who is one of my best blogging friends!


This or That?!
  1. Shower in the morning or evening?
    I prefer to have a shower in the morning, it wakes me up and I’m fresh for the day
  2. City centre or close to nature?
    Definitely close to nature, I’m such a country girl at heart and all the hustle and bustle of city centres get me a bit anxious sometimes.
  3. Bright Colours or Neutrals?
    Bright colours! Life is too short to be dull in my opinion.
  4. Spring or Autumn
    Oooh this is a tough one… I think Spring, because seeing all the beautiful flowers come to life after the cold dark winter makes me happy. And of course, it starts to get a bit warmer so everyone is out and about a bit more.
  5. Mint or Cinnamon
    Mint!! One of my obsessions at the moment are Mint Magnums. OMGGG you need to try them if you haven’t already, you’re missing out!
  6. Planned or Spontaneous
    Planned. I get so anxious if I don’t know exactly what’s going on. My boyfriend is the absolute opposite and it drives me mad!
  7. A movie at home or at the cinema?
    The cinema! I love going and I seem to concentrate better on films at the cinema rather than at home
  8. Espresso or Latte?
    Neither, I don’t like hot drinks at all! Well, apart from hot chocolate…
  9. Hugs or kisses?
    Kisses. Love a smooch with my other half I do!
  10. Spicy or mild food?
    Mild definitely, I cant handle spicy food AT ALL. Get this, the hottest thing I can handle is Thai Sweet Chilli crisps! Such a wimp when it comes to spice.
  11. Leather or Lace?
    Lace, there are so many cute items of clothing around at the moment which have lace on them!
    I also watched something on the news the other night about Mink farming for their skins and it’s put me off buying anything to do with leather or animal products.
  12. Overdressed or Underdressed?
    I think I’d rather be underdressed. To be honest though, I don’t really go anywhere which calls for me to be dressed up anyway!
  13. Adventure or Comfortable?
    Adventure. There’s plenty to see out in the big world and I wanna see as much as I can! Plenty of time to be comfortable when you’re dead!
  14. Tv Series or Movie?
    Tv series. I’ve got such a short attention span when watching movies (apart from at the cinema) so much prefer watching a series.
  15. Rock or Country Music?
    How American… Neither.
  16. Red or White wine?
    White. Pass me a sauvignon blanc!
  17. Working alone or in a team?
    Alone I think, I used to hate working in a team at school. You’d always get a bossy one thinking they know best and not listening to anyone else in the group.
  18. Swimming or Sunbathing?
    Swimming. Sunbathing just bores me and I get agitated if I’m sat in the sun too long
  19. Fast food or sit down restaurant?
    Oh this is HARDDDDD! I love a maccies (I’m counting down the days ’til they open one by me) but I think I do prefer a sit down restaurant for a more relaxed environment to enjoy my food.
  20. Matched or Mismatched socks?
    Matched. I don’t think I’ve ever worn mismatched socks in my life!
  21. Dancing or Singing?
    I would really love to be able to dance but I seriously have 2 left feet and no rhythm whatsoever. It’s so embarrassing…
    So I choose singing.
  22. Phone or the Internet?
    The internet. I wouldn’t be able to blog with a phone (providing this excludes smartphones) now would I?!



So there you have it, hope this helps form more a of a picture to who I really am behind the laptop screen!

I’m going to nominate a few people to do this challenge but there’s no pressure…
Hell if you wanna do it too, then go ahead! I always love to read these quick fun posts.

I nominate:







Thanks for reading,

Livvy xx


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Check out my 20 Questions to get to know me post!




Father’s Day Gift Guide

Father’s Day in the UK is rapidly approaching (17th June this year guys!) and the annual dilemma of what to buy my dad returns…
Why are men so hard to buy for?! And then if you ask them if there’s anything they’d like they always say “no, nothing” or “I don’t know…” *sigh*.

Whilst looking for a present for my own dad I thought I’d help you out and list a few nice gifts that I have come across which I’m sure any dad would appreciate.

fathers day gift guide

  1. Jack Wills ‘Aldrove Polo Shirt’  |  Jack Wills  |  £26.21
    This is definitely a ‘play it safe’ item of clothing. I don’t think you could go wrong with this polo shirt as I’m sure it’d suit many men. It does come in a variety of colours too if your dad is a more colourful character! Look at that price too, bargain!
  2. Braun MGK3020 Multi-Grooming Kit  |   |  £19.99
    Every dad is different but they all have one thing in common – they ALL shave! Unless they’re growing a massive long beard that is…
    You get so much for your money with this multi-groomer:
    – SIX different attachments for beard, head, ears and nose.
    – Lifetime lasting sharp blades.
    What more can a dad ask for from a grooming product?! Braun have everything covered!
  3. Trough Crossgrain Document Bag  |  Ted Baker  |  £149.00
    This stylish document bag is perfect for those dads in business or who need to carry their paperwork/laptop around with them. It has a nice textured finish which is great for withstanding rough and ready handling and has 4 pockets inside to carry various bits and bobs.
  4. Fire 7 Tablet  |   |   £49.99
    I am a massive fan of Amazon’s Fire Tablets and I actually bought one for my dad last year. I also bought myself one as I fell in love with just how much I got for under £50!
    I bought my dad one because he wanted to watch fishing videos on YouTube and he bloody loves it! He sits there with his earphones in watching YouTube videos to his hearts content. He’s also downloaded a couple of fishing and gardening books too.
    You can do loads with a Fire Tablet, they’re seriously worth every penny.
  5. ‘MR’ Alphabet Mug  |  Clintons  |  £4.99
    You’ve probably seen loads of these alphabet mugs in nearly every shop’s homeware section but I spotted this cute one in Clintons and thought it was a nice little design. A bit different than just having the letter on the mug, this one makes it a tiny bit more personal for your dad with it saying ‘MR’.
  6. A Tasty Tuck Box  |  Marks and Spencer  |  £25.00
    Marks and Spencer do some fantastic hampers. Every year I get my boyfriend’s grandparents a special Christmas hamper from there and they really enjoy everything that’s in them.
    I thought I’d take a look on good old Marksie’s website and see if they did anything similar for Father’s Day and lo and behold they didn’t disappoint!
    This is my favourite one as it has a nice variety of snacky items that your dad could munch on whilst watching his fave tv shows. Pork scratchings, mmmmmmm!

I really hope my gift guide has given you a few ideas to what to buy your Dad or even Grandad this Father’s Day.

Livvy x


Fathers day

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