The Fall Tag or y’know… The Autumn Tag!

For the last few weeks I’ve been seeing this Fall tag doing the rounds on Twitter  and hoping that someone would tag me to do it but nope nobody did (yeah Billy no mates here, haha!)
So I took it upon myself to just do it anyway, rules schmules!

This Fall tag was created by the fantastic Lauren over at EllDuclos who I discovered when I joined her Facebook group, Boss Girl Bloggers. It’s a great group full of lovely friendly bloggers who bend over backwards to help you out if you need it! There’s always loads of tips flying about too. Check it out if you haven’t already, you wont be disappointed!




The Questions…

1. What is one candle you MUST light every fall?
I’m not going to lie, I’m not really a candle girl… I know, I’ve failed at Blogger life with that one sentence. BUT! I do like a bit of a sniff of them when I see them in shops. There was one I smelt the other week and I think it was called Vanilla Spice? I’m a big fan of vanilla smelling things so… yeah.

2. When you think of fall, what does it remind you of?
Going back to school, even though I haven’t been back to school for over 10 years… Anyone else miss going to Partners and stocking up on stationary???

3. What is your all time favorite fall/Halloween movie?
Hocus Pocus
I’m not a big lover of scary films AT ALL so Hocus Pocus is my limit at Halloween

4. What Halloween costume do you have in mind?
Do you know what, I’ve never dressed up for Halloween or been to a Halloween party! I dressed up as a witch when I was little like but that’s it.
If I was invited to a party I’d love to dress up as Cleopatra

5. What is your favorite fall trend?
Roll neck tops! I bought this gorgeous one from Matalan the other day!

matalan, roll neck, top, roll neck top, turtle neck, mustardBuy me here!

6. When you think of fall, what drink comes to mind?
Hot chocolate! When I was at a chocolate factory in Bruges in August (read about it HERE) I picked up 2 hot chocolate things. They’re chocolate on a stick basically and you put them in hot milk and stir them until its all melted in. They’re so yummy!

7. What is your go to fall beauty product? A must have staple!
I’m going to say a dark red lipstick.

8. Do you prefer apple pie or pumpkin pie?
I’ve never had Pumpkin pie but I don’t think I’d like it, I cant stand the smell of pumpkins! Apple pie all the way!

9. Do you have any fall traditions? If so tell us all about it!
No, not really. Only to watch Hocus Pocus and have as many hot chocolates as possible!

10. The moment of truth, is fall your favorite season?
It used to be!! But this year my head has been turned by the amazing Summer we had – I miss it so so much! Sorry Autumn…




I tag:

🍂 Chloe from Chloe Chats
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Liv x






St Tropez One Minute Everyday Pre-Shower Tanning Mousse Review

Bit of a mouthful that title isn’t it?!

I’m a complete tanning novice with only a few orange streaky applications of Dove Summer Glow under my belt when I was around 15 years old.

This year, what with the heatwaves we had, I felt confident enough to wear shorts but that meant I’d have to expose my milk bottle legs to the world. I did and I felt fine doing this but I was so jealous of all the girls with gorgeous tanned legs. Plus I’d managed to acquire some interesting tan lines on my feet which look friggin’ awful!

I actually first saw this gradual tan on YouTube, I watched a couple of vids from people who’d reviewed it and thought I’d give it a go. To be honest though, looking back, these girls who reviewed the product were already quite tanned to start with…

st tropez tan

This product appealed to me as I’m mega lazy and it claimed to work BEFORE a shower and take one minute to do so. I could so easily fit it into my daily routine no probs, my prayers had been answered!
Here’s what St Tropez claim on their website:

The World’s first One Minute Pre-Shower Tanning Mousse is the most convenient way to an everyday sunkissed glow. Simply apply to dry skin daily and shower off after just 1 minute for a subtle golden glow from day one. Reapply daily, or leave on longer for a deeper glow.


*Just a note to do a test patch the day before you use this product in case you are allergic to it*


To apply this mousse was really nice and easy if I’m honest. It comes out as a white fluffy mousse and when you put it onto your skin it’s white too which makes application much easier as you can see where you’ve applied it.
There was a slight smell on application but it reminded me of shampoo rather than biscuit-y tan smell which was quite nice tbh! It also soaked into my skin really quickly.
St Tropez say on their website that you can leave it on for up to 5 minutes so that you get a deeper glow so I thought I’d try make the most of the product.

After 4 minutes I hopped into the shower and washed my body with my usual shower gel.

Throughout the day I kept checking my legs to see if anything was developing but didn’t really notice anything…


After sleeping with the product on, I woke up to my legs looking, not so tan-like, but as if the product had evened out my skin tone. Which was good but I was expecting more of a little glow.
I could also smell the dreaded biscuit-y smell… BUT there was no transfer on my pyjamas or bed sheets.
Onto the next application…
Before I had my usual shower of the day I stuck another layer on my legs, waited the full 5 minutes this time and then showered it off.

During the day I did notice a very very slight tan beginning to develop but I wouldn’t really call it a tan if I’m honest.


When I woke up this morning I REALLY wanted to see lovely tanned legs and they just weren’t there… I would say that it definitely evened out the skin tone of my legs but again, no real tan to shout about.

I decided to give it one last try as it is a gradual tan after all and I guess the results I’ve got are gradual…
So again, I applied another layer of the tan before my morning shower, waited 5 minutes then washed it off.

I did notice this time during the day that a bit of colour developed! THANK THE LORD!


Please excuse my AWFUL legs!

I don’t think gradual tanners are for me, I’m faaaaaaar too impatient! This product did even out my skin tone and gave me a very slight tan but I don’t think it’s for me.
What doesn’t work for one person may work for another though and I do think it’s worth a shot.

I think I’m going to give St Tropez’s Self Tan Express Bronzing Mousse a go next. Has anyone used it or got any recommendations for other self tans?

Liv x

tan st tropez

A Day Out in Llandudno

The past couple of months have been rubbish for me, what with health problems being the main culprit. So I thought a little change of scene was needed to have an escape from the doom and gloom.
Funny how just a day out can lift your mood and help get you back on track to cope with life’s obstacles, isn’t it?!

Me and my family decided to visit my uncle who lives in Conwy, North Wales and we all then went out together to have a walk around Llandudno which is close by.
It was MEGA busy for a Tuesday afternoon I thought but then again, it is the school holidays and it was a beautiful, hot, sunny day.

I thought I’d share some photos I took of the day, I hope you like ’em!

The only bad thing of the day which really upset me was seeing donkey rides on the beach… I can’t STAND them and just wanted to go on over and have a go at the owner of the donkeys. Really do wish they’d stop exploiting animals in this way.

Would’ve loved to have gone on this boat trip around the Great Orme and to Puffin Island. I’ve been on it before years ago when I was like 10 and it was brilliant!

There were LOADS of little stalls all along the pier. Loads of food; doughnuts, cakes, cheese, fish ‘n’ chips and of course, ice cream!

I mean, you can’t NOT have an ice cream at the seaside can you?

Just before the pier they had a Punch and Judy show. It’s been here for donkeys years, I remember coming here with my cousin and watching it as a young kid. So lovely to see it again and to see a new generation enjoying the show!

On the way back to my uncles house, he decided to take us around the Great Orme and it’s nature reserve.
You pay £3 at a little booth and then you can either drive around the Orme or park up and walk around.

It’s DEFINITELY worth doing as the views are just spectacular!! There’s lots of cute sheep and mountain goats around too.

My uncle made us a lovely roast dinner that evening and it was the perfect end to a perfect day!
Sometimes you forget how beautiful some parts of our country are, I can’t wait to come back here again! Maybe I’ll ride on the Great Orme cable car next time…

Liv x



Llandudno, Wales

The May Edit

Hey guys!

Yet another month has passed us by, can you BELIEVE it’s June?! I can’t! It only seems like yesterday that I was thinking of New Year’s resolutions and telling myself that 2018 will be my best year yet.
Whilst I haven’t stuck to my one resolution of eating healthily I have luckily had a pretty good 5 months, thankfully! More on that in June’s edit where I’ll be doing a special 6 month review too!

Back to May…
You might have seen over on my Instagram story that I am now in double figures until my cruise holiday! I have a cruise related blog post coming up in the next week so be sure to look out for that!
I really can’t wait!! I keep seeing loads of cute holiday clothes to buy but trying to hold off a little bit longer…

Sadly this month my boyfriend and I had some sad news, one of my boyfriend’s family members sadly passed away. I had no idea this person was ill and his passing was quite sudden to everyone apart from his wife.
I wonder if keeping ill health from people is the right thing to do. I’m sure there would’ve been more people around this person if they’d have known if he was ill, more memories that could’ve have been made… So sad.

From one end of the spectrum to another, I went to a lovely engagement party this month! It was a close family friend and her partner’s celebration and it was great! I’m a complete hopeless romantic so loved every second of it, I wish I could go to one every month!
I did feel a slight pang of jealousy as I’m still waiting for that special proposal to happen to me but hey ho, it’s not everything. Life has lots of other things to offer!



I reached 7 months without needing to go into hospital! This is the longest I’ve ever gone without needing a stay in hospital and I’m so proud of myself. It’s done me the world of good too in terms of my anxiety – not worrying as much about my health and that. However, I’ve not been 100%…

I had a clinic appointment in the middle of May and it didn’t go as well as I thought it would. My breathing test was down and I have lost a bit of weight (losing weight isn’t a good thing for me) so my doctor put me on a course of antibiotics.
I’m coming to the end of these now and my breathing is a bit better but the doctor also told me that hay fever can affect things so I have been taking antihistamines too.

I’m having another breathing test this month so please keep your fingers crossed that it’s better!

I’ve been loving…

The tv series, not y’know, actual neighbours. OMG FINN IS BACK! Or ‘Patrick’ as he’s been calling himself. I really thought we’d seen the back of him but no he’s back and manipulating Elly’s sister Bea. I have a feeling that when Bea does eventually find out about Finn and Elly’s history that she’ll team up with him against her seeing as she seems to hate her.
More people need to watch Neighbours, it’s SO good!!

The weather
Why is it you feel 1000000000x more amazing when the weather is warm and sunny?! I have absolutely loved all the sunny warm days we’ve had during May and it really does make a difference to my everyday mood.
The world is just a better place in the sunshine and life is much easier to deal with (well certain aspects).
Do you feel the same?

blue skies

Love waking up to this view!

Instagram stories
I’ve been getting proper into Instagram stories the past couple of weeks and I love seeing who watches them. Thank you to those who do regularly watch them by the way, your support is so appreciated.
I even managed to post a selfie on there this month, which is a rare occasion!

The Royal Wedding

OMG did you see it?!?! Seriously, I think it was the most romantic thing I’ve ever witnessed in my LIFE!
I got up early that day and got what I needed to do done before 9am which was when television coverage of the event started. Hell, I even pre-made lunch so I wouldn’t miss a second of the big day.
Then me and my mum sat and watched the whole thing. You just couldn’t help but be amazed by the love between Meghan and Harry, it was so plain and obvious to see.

The whole wedding was so very fairy-tale and had a Disney-esque feel about it.
Meghan’s dress was stunning. A very simple Givenchy dress was designed for the now Duchess of Sussex, she didn’t need sparkles, she is stunning enough! That veil tho…

meghan markle

I spent most of the service in tears as Harry was just such a gentleman towards Meghan and the way he looked at her… WOW. The love he must have for her just goes beyond words.
I think my favourite part was when Harry pulled back Meghan’s veil, such a beautiful moment and one I dream of when I get married…

What I’ve not been loving…

Only one thing this month; STEROIDS.
My Lord, I must’ve tried to get a decent photo of myself and my boyfriend a THOUSAND times at that engagement party but nah, I wasn’t happy with any.
I’m tired of the big round face that the steroids have gifted me with and that makes me look like a potato. I know that my health comes first over appearance and trust me, I’m not a shallow person, but I would just like one photo of me where my face doesn’t totally eclipse (see what I did there?) everything else in it.

Blogging Life

I reached 2 goals this month! 300 followers on Instagram and 1000 followers on Twitter. SO happy to have reached these goals, especially the Instagram one as it’s super hard to gain followers and keep them!

Here are a couple of my most popular posts for the month of May:

This month’s blog posts

My latest post is about worrying and 5 things that I do to distract myself from doing so…


I was nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award for the 2nd time by 2 people so I combined both Sam and Kim’s questions in one post!


And that’s about it for my May round-up. Hope you’ve enjoyed reading!





Livvy x


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20 Questions to get to know me!

Sorry I haven’t written a post here for an absolute AGE. I’ve realised that I don’t want to ever force a post just for the sake of meeting deadlines. I’d rather create a good (I hope) post every so often than just crap twice a week. Quality not quantity dahhling (for me anyway).
I do wish I could churn out amazing post after amazing post but that’s just not the way I roll…

Anyhoo, I thought it’d be good for me and you to get to know each other better so I’ve found 20 ‘deep’ questions to answer. I didn’t want to just answer the generic ‘what’s your favourite colour’ type questions (it’s turquoise btw) so here goes…



The Questions…

  1. What’s your philosophy in life? 
    Don’t worry about what other people think of you. This is a recent philosophy I have started to live by. From when I started high school up until I was 28 I have always gone about life worrying what others thought of me. I’d not do certain things like go into charity shops in case someone I knew saw me and thought I was poor or something stupid to that effect. Or I’d not wear a item of clothing I loved for the simple fact that nobody else was wearing it.
    Now I don’t care. I write what I want, I go where I want, I say what I want and I DO what I want. I don’t follow the crowd anymore.
    be yourself
  2. What is the one thing you would like to change about yourself?
    To be more confident when speaking. I don’t mean public speaking, I mean like just ordinary chit chat to people. I seem to get nervous and stumble over my words… Some days are better than others like but I’d definitely love to be a bit more confident when talking to people.
  3. Are you religious or spiritual?
    Yes I’m religious. I don’t attend mass but I pray and talk to God. God has been there a LOT for me in my life and I believe I wouldn’t be here without His help.
    I’m not someone who forces my beliefs on others so you wont find me quoting the Bible on my blog or social media.
  4. Do you consider yourself an extrovert or an introvert?
    Most definitely an introvert! After a day of being around people I love nothing better than to get into my bed and hide away from the world.
    Don’t get me wrong, I like going out for meals and even the odd party. But I do enjoy getting home too!
  5. Which parent are you closer to and why?
    I’m going to choose my mum for this as she is the one I’m around most of the time. My dad is usually out working or tinkering with his latest gardening project! I do consider myself close to both of them however but I think my mum just pips it for being the one I chat to most.
  6. What was the best phase of your life?
    I have to say this one now. I feel I can be myself with the world now and blogging has DEFINITELY brought that out in me. Feeling comfortable in your own skin is the best thing ever and my anxiety is at an all time low.
    I’m also doing well with exercise so my health is good at the moment. I’m managing to hit all my goals so really happy with that too.
  7. What was the worst phase in your life?
    The worst phase in my life was when something went wrong during a routine operation and I could have died. It feels like just a nightmare now but at the time it was very real and very very tough.
  8. Is what you’re doing now what you’ve always wanted to do growing up?
    Definitely not! If I had my health I’d have been in the Police force by now. Maybe one day I can get my health good enough to volunteer as a Special Constable or even just doing office work for the force.
  9. What makes you feel accomplished?
    Helping people. I really do love helping people out or doing something nice for someone.
  10. Would you ever take someone back if they cheated on you?
    No, I wouldn’t. The trust would be completely destroyed and I don’t want to waste my life worrying whether I’d be hurt again. You get one chance and one chance only with me.
  11. If you are in a bad mood, do you prefer to be left alone or have someone cheer you up?
    Left alone. I’m really snappy when in a bad mood and say horrible things to the ones closest to me. Especially at that time of the month… My poor boyfriend doesn’t half get some snappy comments.
  12. Did you ever write a journal?
    Yes, I love writing in my journal! Its so comforting and I love reading back over past entries. I only started a journal 2 years ago as I wanted somewhere to record all my memories in life and I was obsessed with watching vids of people flicking through theirs on YouTube. 
    My absolute favourite ‘journaller’ is Stephi Wild. I adore her journals!journal
  13. What are you most thankful for?
    To be alive. That I wake up every morning and am lucky enough to see the sun. Lucky enough to hear the birds and lucky enough to have my little pup in my life.
  14. Are you confrontational?
    On a whole, no. I had to confront someone a couple of months ago when they bumped into my car and scraped it. They then refused to acknowledge they did anything to my car so I got mega pissed off.
  15. What are your thoughts about online dating/Tinder?
    I know a few people who have met their other halves on Tinder and I think its a great way for people who don’t really go out much to find like minded people. But I cant help but feel a bit sad for the whole dating game though. I love hearing how people met their partners and Tinder just seems so… shallow? Going off a photo and a couple of sentences wouldn’t be enough for me anyway.
    I’m just an old fashioned romantic, what do you reckon?
  16. What did your past relationship teach you?
    Don’t ever be ashamed of your disability or be around people who are ashamed of it either!
    My last boyfriend never came to visit me in hospital because he didn’t want his mother finding out I had Cystic Fibrosis. I felt ashamed and nobody should ever make anyone feel ashamed of themselves never mind their partner!!
  17. What’s on your bucket list this year?
    To do a zipwire!! I saw they have an amazing one in Llandudno in North Wales and I really want to do it!Snowdonia
  18. What do you think about when you’re by yourself?
    Oh friggin’ hell, all sorts… Most of the time I probably just plan what I’m going to do in the week.
  19. What is the one thing that people misunderstand about you?
    I’m really quiet when I meet someone new and seem REALLY awkward and even snotty. I’m just so shy at times… Takes me a little while to open up to someone new.
  20. Who is that person who you can talk to about anything?
    Apart from my boyfriend, it’d have to be my best friend Ev. I met Ev just 2 years ago on the ward we both stay on when we’re ill. She has Cystic Fibrosis like me.
    I’ve had best friends in the past but Ev trumps them all, we like all the same things! Well apart from her love of horror films… She always gives her complete and honest opinion and is the most trustworthy person I have ever met.


I hope you’ve enjoyed finding out a bit more about me and the type of person I am.
Now I want to find out about YOU!!!
Please do this as I really think it’d be fun and a fab way for us all to get to know each other…
Write just 1 thing about you in the comments below. It can be anything!
Looking forward to hearing from you all!



Livvy xx



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