Christmas Gift Guide

*’Tis the season where I get all stress-y, fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la!*

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Christmas, the lights, the family time and of course, THE FOOD – bring on the pigs in blanket-induced food coma!
But yeah, the only thing I hate about Christmas is thinking about what to buy everyone… I love buying gifts for people, I just haven’t a clue what to get them and then I get all stressed and my boyfriend wants to kill me haha!
So this year, I’ve got my shit together and sorted out what I’m getting everyone and all before December too! Absolute record for me this!

Here’s a few presents that I’ve got for family and friends, I hope they’ll give you some ideas on what you could get your loved ones this year!

For the parents…

Whenever I ask my mum or dad what they would like for Christmas or birthdays they always say, “Oh don’t worry about us, just get us some chocolates or something…”, which is kind but omg annoying! They deserve so much more than just chocolates so I’ve gone one better and got them the ‘Christmas Treats Gift Box’ from Appleyard London!

I was searching for Christmas hampers online and came across Appleyard London’s selection of hampers, I thought they only sold beautiful flowers – how wrong was I?!
They have an amazing selection of hampers/gift boxes that include so many delicious, yummy items inside them.

After spending a FULL hour looking through all the different hampers they have on offer, I settled on the ‘Christmas Treats Gift Box’ as my parents have such a sweet tooth, like me, and would enjoy every single item it includes.
I was also pleased to see they have ‘Free From’ hampers too, which includes hampers for Diabetics, Vegans, Alcohol-free and Gluten & Wheat free. They’ve literally thought of everyone!

Just when I thought things couldn’t get any better, I went through the checkout with my hamper and discovered that it was FREE NEXT DAY DELIVERY! What have I done to deserve you in my life Appleyard London, why cant other companies have amazing delivery services like yours?!

So the next day my hamper arrived and I had to stop myself from eating everything! I wish someone would buy me one…
How cute is the box it came in though, I’m not even going to wrap it up y’know, it’s cute enough as it is…

Here’s a list of everything that came inside the Christmas Treats Gift Box…

  • Shiraz Cawston Cove South Africa 75cl 13% vol
  • Abbey Biscuits Handmade Christmas Spice Biscuits 150g
  • Barfield Bakery Mince Pies x 3
  • Buiteman Cheddar Biscuits 75g
  • Buttermilk Tab Top Mince Pie Fudge 100g
  • Gold Crown Chocolate Slab with Gold Holly & Red Berries
  • Linden Lady Milk Chocolate Bar with White Snowflake Sprinkles & Mini Marshmallows 100g
  • Mr Filbert’s Chilli & Fennel Mixed Nuts 50g


I’m so impressed with all of the items inside this hamper and they all look of good quality too. I cant wait to give it to my parents on Christmas Day, bet it’ll be all gone by Boxing Day!

Now I just need to find a way of getting a bit all of that chocolate bar with marshmallows…


For the Boyfriend…

I’ve bought 2 things for G (my boyfriend) this year and it took me friggin FOREVER to think of these items. Men are too hard to buy for in my opinion – they do not know the utter stress we go through trying to think of what to buy them.

Nintendo Switch


I bought this from Game but so many other retailers sell them in various bundles or just on their own.
I decided to buy this bundle for £339.99 as it has a special edition Pokémon design on the switch itself, the new Pokémon game pre-installed AND a pokeball which does something, I’m not really sure what but I’m sure G will figure it out haha!

The other thing I got him was this book by CAMRA (Campaign for Real Ale)

G really enjoys all those real ales you see when you go to a pub and likes to discover new ones whenever we go somewhere new so I thought this may be a perfect gift for him.

CAMRA actually have a LOT of gift options which I was really surprised at. Aside from books, they have gift memberships and items of clothing too! Their shop is definitely worth a look for Christmas gifts!
Go to their website to find out more!

Other gifts…

These are the other gifts I have bought for my friends and loved ones.

‘Cold Toes at Christmas’ written by Jo Fitzgerald

I thought this would make a lovely present for one of my friends little boy. The book can be found in Waterstones stores and online too!


Sleek MakeUp Set

I thought this Sleek MakeUP set was a bit of a barg in Boots. I actually haven’t got anyone in mind for this yet, I’ll probably end up keeping it but thought it was too good to miss out on!

The set includes…

  • Highlighting Palette Solstice 9 g ! Net wt. 0.31 Oz.
  • i-Divine Eyeshadow Palette Vintage Romance 9 g ! Net wt. 0.31 Oz.
  • Full Fat Lash Mascara 9 ml ! 0.29 US Fl. Oz.
  • Dip It Eyeliner Black 4 ml 0.13 US Fl. Oz.
  • Lip VIP Lipstick Show Off 3.6 g Net wt. 0.12 Oz.
  • Eau La La Lip Liner Dragonfruit 1.1 g Net wt. 0.03 Oz.
  • Matte Me Metallic Lip Cream Anodized Ruby 6 ml ! 0.19 US Fl. Oz.
  • Matte Me Lip Cream That’s So Fetch 6 ml ! 0.19 US Fl. Oz.

Get to your nearest Boots store or their website to get yours!


Not forgetting…

Yes I’m one of those people who still love to give cards for all types of occasions despite it being easier to send texts/emails or use social media.

Receiving a card, to me, shows that someone’s taken the time to think of you and what better time to do that than at Christmas!

I usually like to buy cards that are not found in high street shops so I buy most of them from Etsy shops. This year I came across these guys – Extra Strong Prints, they have really cute simple designs in their shop!



I hope my gifts have given you some ideas on what to buy your loved ones this Christmas!!
Now to get wrapping everything, I’m not the best so wish me luck?


Liv x



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The April Edit

So I thought it’d be a fab idea to start doing these monthly review posts to try and connect better with you guys and hopefully have a little chit chat in the process.

In these posts, I’ll be sharing what’s been happening in my little life over the past month, what I’m looking forward to in the coming month and favourite books/products/things – stuff like that.

So here goes…


April has been mostly a miserable month for me. My little pup was ill and nobody knew what was wrong with her, she kept shaking and wasn’t eating properly. My poor little love went through all kinds of tests but they shown nothing.
Luckily she’s picked up now and is having no issues, so I really hope it was a virus or something? Can dogs even get viruses? *any vets out there?* I don’t know, I just hope she’ll be okay from now on.

Another reason April wasn’t the best was that my boyfriend hasn’t been well at all. With having Cystic Fibrosis it makes me very susceptible to picking up germs and if I do catch them off someone, the cold/bug hits me a LOT harder. I’d not seen him for 3 weeks until the other night when we had a little date night to our new local Hickory’s! It was so good to see him as I was missing him like crazy.


Yes, that is a plant on the floor – it was a windy day!

April wasn’t all doom and gloom though, me and my man finally finished paying off our holiday for August! We’re going on a mini cruise with Royal Caribbean to Bruges and Brussels to celebrate my boyfriend’s 30th birthday! I cant flippin’ wait!! It’ll be our 2nd cruise together and we’re going on the same ship as last time – Independence of the Seas, has anyone been on it? It’s currently in the process of having a refurb so it’ll be all new and shiny for when we go on it.
Only 116 days to go haha!


Blogging Life

I am still loving blogging and everything that it includes, I’m glad to say.
My little corner reached it’s 2 month ‘blogiversary’ the other day and I’m really pleased with its progress!
I took part in my first ever twitter chat on Monday and it was with Charlene from Beechat and it was great! I will definitely be taking part in more chats from now on so if anyone knows of anymore I can take part in please leave me a comment below, I’d be so grateful!

I wrote 3 posts this month and if you would like to check them out they’re linked below. I aim to write at least one post a week so need to work a bit harder on achieving this next month. My problem is that I overthink my posts and worry that they’re not good enough. I need to just write and get them out there!

What’s in my Bag
20 Questions to get to know me
5 National Trust Sites I Want To Visit


My Instagram has been booming this month and have had loads of new followers! It’s just fab to have actual engagement with my posts to be honest. Really enjoying getting to know other bloggers and their lives too.

My most popular posts this month were these:



God I loved that burger… Seriously, I cant believe I’d never had macaroni and cheese before but it was just amazing on a burger!!



On the 26th April I reached 6 months of not needing any antibiotics in hospital!!!!! It probably doesn’t sound like much to you but to me it does! I used to need to go into hospital every 2-3 months for 2 weeks at least so 6 months is pure heaven haha!

Despite reaching my goal, my lungs have been a bit iffy this month. I seem to have developed a bit of a cough and finding the gym a bit harder which frustrates the HELL out of me! I always seem to want to do better than the last time I was there too; a heavier weight or a steeper incline.
I do keep trying to tell myself that the main thing is just turning up on the bad days and whatever exercise I manage to do is better than nothing!

I have a hospital appointment next week where I’ll have some tests done so I’ll find out then whether I’ll be able to reach 7 months without antibiotics or whether I need a bit of help. Fingers crossed I’ll do okay!


What I’ve been loving this month…

I’ve FINALLY got back into reading! It has been so long since I’ve got lost in a book and it feels good to be lost again!
My local library has this online service where you can borrow books on your kindle/e-reader and I was looking through their new releases and came across this…


I’d read this author’s previous book, Local Girl Missing and I’d really enjoyed it so was quite eager to give this a go.
I’m nearly halfway through and it’s keeping me gripped so that’s a good sign!
Here is the synopsis if you’re interested…

book synopsis


So unless you’ve been living under a rock this month you’ve probably not been able to move without seeing something about the Royal wedding. I personally have been loving it!
I think I can call myself something of a royalist but I’m not one of those who collects memorabilia or goes out to see them if they’re out and about where I live… I just like following what they’re up to and take a bit of an interest.

This past week ITV1 have been showing a Royal documentary series and its been about weddings in the royal family. I have bloody loved watching these docs! Seeing all the traditions, wedding dresses, cakes and learning about all the royals. Its been great.
If you want to watch them, they’re all on the ITV Hub to watch.
I personally really like Meghan Markle, I think she’s fresh, so beautiful and will be great for the new generation of the Royal family.

Roll on the 19th May for Harry’s big day!!


harry and meghan


So that’s it for my first monthly review!
Please let me know if it was any good because I just felt I was rambling a bit haha!

Thank you for reading!



Livvy xx

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