5 Things to Distract you from Worrying

I am such a worry wart, it’s something about myself which I definitely wish I could change.
Worrying solves nothing, it’s a pointless act. It will never change the outcome of the circumstance – These are the things I tell myself over and over and yet I STILL worry.
My worrying has definitely led to anxiety and I’ve suffered so badly from it in past years. Luckily now I seem to have it under control but certain things can still set me off.

I have always been a worrier, I get it from my mum, she’s even worse than me! But I HAVE always had things to worry about in my life. Having Cystic Fibrosis means that you’ll go through all kinds. Operations/procedures, tests, annual tests to see how your health is doing over the years, it’s bloody relentless, so worrying comes in the package sadly.
Then there’s just general life worries like; will I ever be able to buy my own home with my partner? I’m 29 – do people laugh at me for still living at home with my parents?
So yeah, I have all kinds of worry.




The past few months though I’ve learnt to distract myself from the worrying, I’ve tried to actually listen to that voice saying that worrying solves nothing.
I have found that distraction works best for me and these 5 things below are the things I do to keep the worrying at bay…



You’ve probably seen exercise being the best thing for mental health all over the internet but it truly does help me a LOT!
I go to the gym 3 times a week and I feel it helps me deal with whatever I’m worrying about at the time. I concentrate on the things I’m doing at the gym and my progress and that takes me mind off the worries.

I also practise Yoga which works very well too, don’t ask me how but Yoga calms my racing worrisome mind and an early morning Yoga practice seriously does me the world of good. If you’re wanting to try it out I seriously recommend ‘Yoga with Adriene‘ on YouTube.



Reading is my ultimate escape when things get too much for me. I love getting lost in a story, usually a thriller and not thinking about what’s worrying me. I do tend to stay away from anything sad though…
The book I’ve just finished reading was great for distraction as it was one of those with lots of twists and turns and I spent any time away from the book trying to figure it out!
If you’re interested in the book, I mentioned it here in my April Review post!



If reading isn’t your thing then maybe you could try tv boxsets?
I’m currently making my way through Grey’s Anatomy and omg I am HOOKED. I could definitely watch 5 episodes on the bounce and not notice!
Sometimes some people need an intricate programme to get into, to keep their minds busy. Maybe something like a murder mystery would be good, Midsummer Murders is bound to be on one of the tv channels somewhere.
Another programme I LOVE to watch and always cheers me up no matter what is Plebs on itv2. It’s hilarious and I desperately want a Grumio in my life!!!!!

tv bed

Spending time with pets

Spending time with pets is actually proven to reduce depression so it’s only fitting that when I spend time with my little dog she banishes all worrying feelings and thoughts.
Even just sitting by her makes me feel better but taking her for a little walk is the best. Getting out and about in the fresh air and looking after my pup – what could be better?



I’m aaaaaall about the self care. Having a warm bubble bath, shaving my legs and sometimes putting a bit of tan on can lift my mood. It doesn’t even have to be anything that big either.
Trying out a new mascara or playing around with eyeliner is a good little distraction if you don’t feel like doing much or just having a general play around with make up. I often do this when feeling a bit down and worrying a lot about something and it does help!


make up


I hope these 5 ideas help you out if you’re worrying about something, they certainly help me!
Do you have any ways that help distract you from worrying? Write them in the comments below!



Livvy x



The Last Year of my 20’s

I can hardly believe I’m writing this. I’m 29 tomorrow!

Where have all the years gone, I feel like I’m still 18?!
I see friends around me turning 29/30 and cant really believe it. Some are married, have children and I suppose are ‘proper’ grown ups.

I guess one reason I don’t feel 29 is because I still live at home with my parents. It’s not my choice but it’s okay. I’m not engaged/married and I don’t have children either which I suppose are couple of the main hallmarks of people my age. The ones who have life figured out. Have their shit together.

Will I, in my last year of my 20s, get my shit finally together? I doubt it. Do I care? Not anymore.
All through my 20s I’ve been trying to ‘find myself’ and figure out what exactly do I want to do with my life but I’ve discovered that life is ever changing and people don’t stay the same.
Life events change circumstances. You can have everything one minute and it all be taken away the next!

When I was younger, I thought I had my life plan mapped out.
Get my GCSEs,
do my a-levels,
go to uni,
meet the love of my life,
have my own place at 25,
get engaged
married by 29.
Children have never been in my life plan as I have always known I wouldn’t be able to have any.

How wrong was I?!
Yes, I got my GCSE’s but a-levels were a totally different ballgame. This is when my health started to take a bit of a serious nose dive. I couldn’t keep up with coursework and was in hospital a lot. So unfortunately I never got my a-levels, so that meant no university.
I met my boyfriend at 23 but we’re still saving hard for a deposit for our own home. It’s a lot trickier when both of you are ill and unable to work… I never factored that into my life plan did I?

It is disappointing, don’t get me wrong. All through my 20s I got quite down over not being where my friends were in life. Why couldn’t I just sail through life as easy as them?
I even had to see a psychologist I got so depressed over it.
But now I realise that life is different for everyone and there are no set rules.
One way the psychologist described life was: most people take the motorway but others, like me, take the scenic route. We both get to our destination but just go a different way.

Another thing I have realised is to enjoy where you are in life.
Over the years I have had friends who have died before their life even began, I know they would’ve done anything to have stayed on this earth. Just being with family and enjoying the simple things in life.
When I get frustrated now (yes, I still do sometimes) I think of them, how I know they’d do anything to be where I am.

Life is not about events to me anymore, its about love and happy moments. The owning my own home/ married life things are bonuses to me now. If they happen, great! But if they don’t, I’m blessed to feel love and see the sun rise and fall every day.


be present

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