Happy New Year! I hope you all had a brilliant Christmas filled with love, happiness and MOUNTAINS of food!!

Annoyingly I wasn’t well for all of December, winter truly isn’t my season anymore. I used to really enjoy it, getting all snuggled up cosy and going out seeing all the festivities but I cant do it anymore. There’s too much risk of catching colds, flus and viruses. Each time I get sick (why I get sick), it scars my lungs a bit more which means they get damaged so I basically hibernate instead.
I miss out on a lot of things, family meals because someone is ALWAYS sick with a cold and just general Christmassy things going on. It does get me down but I’d rather be here in the long run!

I had a bit of bad news in December as well, I had a DEXA scan at the start of the month and I got the results back – they weren’t good.
A DEXA scan is a type of x ray which measures how strong your bones are basically. If your bones aren’t strong you are classed as having low bone density and therefore having Osteopenia. If your bones are VERY low in density you are classed as having Osteoporosis.


What is Osteoporosis?

Osteoporosis is a condition that weakens bones and making them fragile and more likely to break. It develops slowly over several years (I had Osteopenia first in my left hip for a number of years) and is usually diagnosed in people over 50.

Why do I have Osteoporosis?

Osteoporosis can sometimes be linked to Cystic Fibrosis which is the lung disease I suffer from. I developed Osteopenia/Osteoporosis because I have to take a medication every day called Prednisolone which is a steroid.
A side effect of taking steroids for a long time (years) is that it thins your bones (Osteopenia/porosis) and thats why I have developed it sadly.


osteoporosis, osteopenia


I also have very low vitamin D levels which bones NEED to stay strong and healthy so that didn’t help either.

I’m going to be honest with you, I didn’t realise the severity of being on steroids long term before this past month and I’m angry with my medical team at my hospital for not monitoring how long I have been on them. I’m 100% certain that if I asked any one of them how many tablets of prednisolone I’m on NOBODY would know, never mind how long I’ve been on them…
I’m not bashing the NHS here, just the way my team works.


What is going to happen now?

So now I have my results. I have Osteoporosis in my hip and I now have Osteopenia in my spine. I’m terrified, I’ve got to be honest with you, but I’ve done a fair bit of reading over the holidays and discovered that exercise can actually INCREASE bone density.
I plan to do yoga everyday and go to the gym everyday too. I’ve read up on the type of exercise I need to do and it needs to be weight-bearing which are exercises like: jogging, running, skipping, tennis, hiking, stair climbing and aerobics.

Another thing I came across was a study where people jumped on the spot 20 times a day, everyday for 6 months (I think) and the results at the end of the study were positive; 70% of participants increased their bone density!


I have a hospital appointment in a week’s time where I’ll probably be given medication to strengthen my bones but I’m definitely ready to do all I can to prevent any further loss of bone density.

Have you got Osteopenia/Osteoporosis? I would really love to chat to see what has helped you, if anything? Even though I’m trying to remain positive I’m quite worried about the whole thing…


Until next time…

Liv x


The June Edit

This month’s review will only be a short one as I had quite a crappy month and forgot to make notes, my brain doesn’t work when I don’t write thigs down!
Nothing in the month ever seemed to go right, apart from the weather that is… I actually cant remember the last time I saw rain.
I don’t think I’ve ever had a summer like this one where the weather has been so consistently good for more than a week. It feels almost surreal, doesn’t it?~

How typically British I start this post with talking about the weather!


You might have seen over on my twitter that I was in hospital recently. I needed to go onto the ward for a few days for a couple of reasons really… I have been losing weight steadily over the past 4 months so needed to go back on feeds. This is where I connect up a tube in my stomach to a machine that pumps liquid filled with hundreds of calories into me. If you’re wondering just wtf all that shiz is then click HERE to read more.
I also needed to try out a couple of medications in a safe environment as I am allergic to so many so my doctor thought it would be best I go onto the ward for this.

I only expected to be in a few days but my diabetes started playing up whilst I was there and I needed to stay an extra couple of days to get it under control.
I HATED being in… I got the room I had last time I was admitted and its right by the nurses station so didn’t get much sleep. Next time I need to remember to pack earplugs!

It was CF (Cystic Fibrosis) Week whilst I was on the ward, this is where people try to raise money and awareness for Cystic Fibrosis. The nurses on the ward had decorated the whole ward with yellow bunting and yellow balloons. It looked great, I wish they could stay up all the time, our ward needs a bit of decoration I think!
The nurses also ran a raffle and made little yellow ribbon badges to raise some money and they did really well, they managed to raise £600! So proud!

If you don’t know what CF is, take a look at the post I wrote during CF Week and find out!

Blogging Life

I haven’t been on social media much this month as other months but I did manage to hit 1700 followers on Twitter! I’m so grateful to everyone who’s followed me so far.

I’m making steady progress on my Instagram though and have hit 450 followers!
Here are a few of my most popular posts this month…

I have been overwhelmed this month with such kind words from lovely followers and friends on Twitter and Instagram. I cant begin to tell you all how much this means to me, I don’t have many friends in RL (spare the violin) and to have people on the internet who care and spend a little bit of their day sending me a lovely comment genuinely means the world.
Thank you all so much, the blogging community is truly amazing!


Life in General

This week I was invited to my boyfriend’s family gathering, a couple of his relatives had come over from Australia to visit. We all met up at a BEAUTIFUL pub in Christleton in Chester called The Cheshire Cat and had dinner there.
There’s a lovely canal right next to it and a great beer garden which we sat in for a while after having dinner and watched the sunset.

canal boat chester
canal boat

Another thing I loved about this pub/restaurant was that they allowed dogs! There were quite a few there and I just wanted to stroke them ALL. I spent most of the day staring at them and saying “awww look at him” to my boyfriend haha! They had dog biscuits on the bar in a jar and plenty of water bowls dotted all over the place too which is great to see.

I ordered fish and chips off their menu and it was cooked to perfection. So tasty and their chips were BIG, proper like tombstones! I seriously hope to go back again soon and try other things they had on their menu and of course, DESSERTS!

sunsetsunset over runcorn bridge

Just before I go I just want to mention my friend Steff and her daughter Sam‘s new blogger’s subscription box – Blogbox
They are launching very soon and they have a competition running at the moment on Twitter where you could win one of their boxes!
It closes on the 15th July so be quick and head over to their Blogbox Twitter account HERE and be in with a chance to win!


Thank you all for reading and I hope you have a great July, lets hope these amazing sunny days continue!!


Livvy x


The May Edit

Hey guys!

Yet another month has passed us by, can you BELIEVE it’s June?! I can’t! It only seems like yesterday that I was thinking of New Year’s resolutions and telling myself that 2018 will be my best year yet.
Whilst I haven’t stuck to my one resolution of eating healthily I have luckily had a pretty good 5 months, thankfully! More on that in June’s edit where I’ll be doing a special 6 month review too!

Back to May…
You might have seen over on my Instagram story that I am now in double figures until my cruise holiday! I have a cruise related blog post coming up in the next week so be sure to look out for that!
I really can’t wait!! I keep seeing loads of cute holiday clothes to buy but trying to hold off a little bit longer…

Sadly this month my boyfriend and I had some sad news, one of my boyfriend’s family members sadly passed away. I had no idea this person was ill and his passing was quite sudden to everyone apart from his wife.
I wonder if keeping ill health from people is the right thing to do. I’m sure there would’ve been more people around this person if they’d have known if he was ill, more memories that could’ve have been made… So sad.

From one end of the spectrum to another, I went to a lovely engagement party this month! It was a close family friend and her partner’s celebration and it was great! I’m a complete hopeless romantic so loved every second of it, I wish I could go to one every month!
I did feel a slight pang of jealousy as I’m still waiting for that special proposal to happen to me but hey ho, it’s not everything. Life has lots of other things to offer!



I reached 7 months without needing to go into hospital! This is the longest I’ve ever gone without needing a stay in hospital and I’m so proud of myself. It’s done me the world of good too in terms of my anxiety – not worrying as much about my health and that. However, I’ve not been 100%…

I had a clinic appointment in the middle of May and it didn’t go as well as I thought it would. My breathing test was down and I have lost a bit of weight (losing weight isn’t a good thing for me) so my doctor put me on a course of antibiotics.
I’m coming to the end of these now and my breathing is a bit better but the doctor also told me that hay fever can affect things so I have been taking antihistamines too.

I’m having another breathing test this month so please keep your fingers crossed that it’s better!

I’ve been loving…

The tv series, not y’know, actual neighbours. OMG FINN IS BACK! Or ‘Patrick’ as he’s been calling himself. I really thought we’d seen the back of him but no he’s back and manipulating Elly’s sister Bea. I have a feeling that when Bea does eventually find out about Finn and Elly’s history that she’ll team up with him against her seeing as she seems to hate her.
More people need to watch Neighbours, it’s SO good!!

The weather
Why is it you feel 1000000000x more amazing when the weather is warm and sunny?! I have absolutely loved all the sunny warm days we’ve had during May and it really does make a difference to my everyday mood.
The world is just a better place in the sunshine and life is much easier to deal with (well certain aspects).
Do you feel the same?

blue skies

Love waking up to this view!

Instagram stories
I’ve been getting proper into Instagram stories the past couple of weeks and I love seeing who watches them. Thank you to those who do regularly watch them by the way, your support is so appreciated.
I even managed to post a selfie on there this month, which is a rare occasion!

The Royal Wedding

OMG did you see it?!?! Seriously, I think it was the most romantic thing I’ve ever witnessed in my LIFE!
I got up early that day and got what I needed to do done before 9am which was when television coverage of the event started. Hell, I even pre-made lunch so I wouldn’t miss a second of the big day.
Then me and my mum sat and watched the whole thing. You just couldn’t help but be amazed by the love between Meghan and Harry, it was so plain and obvious to see.

The whole wedding was so very fairy-tale and had a Disney-esque feel about it.
Meghan’s dress was stunning. A very simple Givenchy dress was designed for the now Duchess of Sussex, she didn’t need sparkles, she is stunning enough! That veil tho…

meghan markle

I spent most of the service in tears as Harry was just such a gentleman towards Meghan and the way he looked at her… WOW. The love he must have for her just goes beyond words.
I think my favourite part was when Harry pulled back Meghan’s veil, such a beautiful moment and one I dream of when I get married…

What I’ve not been loving…

Only one thing this month; STEROIDS.
My Lord, I must’ve tried to get a decent photo of myself and my boyfriend a THOUSAND times at that engagement party but nah, I wasn’t happy with any.
I’m tired of the big round face that the steroids have gifted me with and that makes me look like a potato. I know that my health comes first over appearance and trust me, I’m not a shallow person, but I would just like one photo of me where my face doesn’t totally eclipse (see what I did there?) everything else in it.

Blogging Life

I reached 2 goals this month! 300 followers on Instagram and 1000 followers on Twitter. SO happy to have reached these goals, especially the Instagram one as it’s super hard to gain followers and keep them!

Here are a couple of my most popular posts for the month of May:

This month’s blog posts

My latest post is about worrying and 5 things that I do to distract myself from doing so…


I was nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award for the 2nd time by 2 people so I combined both Sam and Kim’s questions in one post!


And that’s about it for my May round-up. Hope you’ve enjoyed reading!





Livvy x


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The April Edit

So I thought it’d be a fab idea to start doing these monthly review posts to try and connect better with you guys and hopefully have a little chit chat in the process.

In these posts, I’ll be sharing what’s been happening in my little life over the past month, what I’m looking forward to in the coming month and favourite books/products/things – stuff like that.

So here goes…


April has been mostly a miserable month for me. My little pup was ill and nobody knew what was wrong with her, she kept shaking and wasn’t eating properly. My poor little love went through all kinds of tests but they shown nothing.
Luckily she’s picked up now and is having no issues, so I really hope it was a virus or something? Can dogs even get viruses? *any vets out there?* I don’t know, I just hope she’ll be okay from now on.

Another reason April wasn’t the best was that my boyfriend hasn’t been well at all. With having Cystic Fibrosis it makes me very susceptible to picking up germs and if I do catch them off someone, the cold/bug hits me a LOT harder. I’d not seen him for 3 weeks until the other night when we had a little date night to our new local Hickory’s! It was so good to see him as I was missing him like crazy.


Yes, that is a plant on the floor – it was a windy day!

April wasn’t all doom and gloom though, me and my man finally finished paying off our holiday for August! We’re going on a mini cruise with Royal Caribbean to Bruges and Brussels to celebrate my boyfriend’s 30th birthday! I cant flippin’ wait!! It’ll be our 2nd cruise together and we’re going on the same ship as last time – Independence of the Seas, has anyone been on it? It’s currently in the process of having a refurb so it’ll be all new and shiny for when we go on it.
Only 116 days to go haha!


Blogging Life

I am still loving blogging and everything that it includes, I’m glad to say.
My little corner reached it’s 2 month ‘blogiversary’ the other day and I’m really pleased with its progress!
I took part in my first ever twitter chat on Monday and it was with Charlene from Beechat and it was great! I will definitely be taking part in more chats from now on so if anyone knows of anymore I can take part in please leave me a comment below, I’d be so grateful!

I wrote 3 posts this month and if you would like to check them out they’re linked below. I aim to write at least one post a week so need to work a bit harder on achieving this next month. My problem is that I overthink my posts and worry that they’re not good enough. I need to just write and get them out there!

What’s in my Bag
20 Questions to get to know me
5 National Trust Sites I Want To Visit


My Instagram has been booming this month and have had loads of new followers! It’s just fab to have actual engagement with my posts to be honest. Really enjoying getting to know other bloggers and their lives too.

My most popular posts this month were these:



God I loved that burger… Seriously, I cant believe I’d never had macaroni and cheese before but it was just amazing on a burger!!



On the 26th April I reached 6 months of not needing any antibiotics in hospital!!!!! It probably doesn’t sound like much to you but to me it does! I used to need to go into hospital every 2-3 months for 2 weeks at least so 6 months is pure heaven haha!

Despite reaching my goal, my lungs have been a bit iffy this month. I seem to have developed a bit of a cough and finding the gym a bit harder which frustrates the HELL out of me! I always seem to want to do better than the last time I was there too; a heavier weight or a steeper incline.
I do keep trying to tell myself that the main thing is just turning up on the bad days and whatever exercise I manage to do is better than nothing!

I have a hospital appointment next week where I’ll have some tests done so I’ll find out then whether I’ll be able to reach 7 months without antibiotics or whether I need a bit of help. Fingers crossed I’ll do okay!


What I’ve been loving this month…

I’ve FINALLY got back into reading! It has been so long since I’ve got lost in a book and it feels good to be lost again!
My local library has this online service where you can borrow books on your kindle/e-reader and I was looking through their new releases and came across this…


I’d read this author’s previous book, Local Girl Missing and I’d really enjoyed it so was quite eager to give this a go.
I’m nearly halfway through and it’s keeping me gripped so that’s a good sign!
Here is the synopsis if you’re interested…

book synopsis


So unless you’ve been living under a rock this month you’ve probably not been able to move without seeing something about the Royal wedding. I personally have been loving it!
I think I can call myself something of a royalist but I’m not one of those who collects memorabilia or goes out to see them if they’re out and about where I live… I just like following what they’re up to and take a bit of an interest.

This past week ITV1 have been showing a Royal documentary series and its been about weddings in the royal family. I have bloody loved watching these docs! Seeing all the traditions, wedding dresses, cakes and learning about all the royals. Its been great.
If you want to watch them, they’re all on the ITV Hub to watch.
I personally really like Meghan Markle, I think she’s fresh, so beautiful and will be great for the new generation of the Royal family.

Roll on the 19th May for Harry’s big day!!


harry and meghan


So that’s it for my first monthly review!
Please let me know if it was any good because I just felt I was rambling a bit haha!

Thank you for reading!



Livvy xx

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